Some of our projects:

Salon VinDel - International Wine & Culinary Fair - Sommelier equipement - - -

Is a 32-hour programme where students get to know the basics of the Sommelier profession. The course takes place over eight days for four hours per day and is usually performed in the afternoon.  At guided workshops 86 Slovene and foreign wines are tasted and the characteristics of wine-growing regions are presented. The participants learn the basics of tasting and describing wine. They get to know the procedures and devices for proper wine serving. The basics of blending wine with dishes are first dealt with theoretically and then at the Sommelier working lunch, where the acquired knowledge is used in practice. Lecturers are renowned experts from different fields. The SloVino Institute performs education for Sommelier fanciers at different locations throughout Slovenia, in Ljubljana, Koper and Maribor, and everywhere where interested people gather together.

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